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The SpineForce was created as a tool for the Chiropractor as a high tech platform for the active phase of rehabilitation for the whole spine and kinematic muscle chains.

I am the certified National Trainer/installer of Spineforce in the United States and have been for the past 7+ years. I Buy, Sell, Move, Install and Repair all Spineforce. Over 40+ installs performed myself.

The SpineForce Reactive Neuromuscular Trainer is designed to create a unique muscular performance environment that challenges the somatosensory system to improve strength, coordination, balance and posture.
Numerous musculoskeletal conditions, including low back pain have been linked to factors such as poor endurance of the lumbar and pelvic muscles and diminished proprioceptive input from joint mechanoreceptors. SpineForce creates a closed chain kinetic exercise that recruits from core stabilizers and upper extremity muscles.
The functional rehabilitation performed with SpineForce utilizes the naturally occurring interaction between neurological input and muscular performance. The oscillating platform on the SpineForce creates an instability that challenges the sensory and motor systems to react and modify each other resulting in improved balance and postural control.

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