A Revolutionary Technology for Strengthening and Conditioning the Deep Spinal Muscles





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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? First, highly sensitive, ergonomic handles provide an instantaneous strength and weakness assessment from the measured force exerted on the sensors. The upper body portion of the exercise is done utilizing isometric contraction of your muscles while the platform you stand on oscillates 360 degrees to the left for one repetition, then to the right for another repetition. Combined with all of these factors, you are trying to visually balance a target on the control panel for both the left side and right side of your physical routine. People have reported that 20 to 40 minutes on SpineForce feels like 1 to 2 hours of working out in the gym doing weight training and cardio. Training on SpineForce is a unique experience, nothing like you have e ever encountered.

How Can It Help You?  SpineForce is the only machine in the world to strengthen the 180 core spinal muscles.   

  • Evaluates core spinal muscle strength and balance

  • Treats Low Back Pain

  • Post-surgical low back rehabilitation

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

  • Anti-aging strengthening and conditioning

  • Balance and coordination improvement

  • Improves scoliosis due to muscle imbalance

  • Aids in preventing future back injury

Does My Insurance Cover Rehabilitative Exercise?  Our office can verify your insurance coverage and help you determine if your plan covers our services.  Generally, this service is covered by most insurance plans.  Contact our office for more information. 



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SpineForce?/sup> is a registered trademark of LPG Corporation


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